Tools: Dark Reader

As I'm often asked what tools I'm using daily, I'm going to start posting occasionally about them. Perhaps you will find some of them worth adding to your toolkit.

One of the first things people notice is that Most of my browsing is "dark" based and they wonder rhow I'm able to do that. So this will be the first thing I introduce, here. The tool is and it's available for Chrome-based browsers, Firefox, and Safari. This simple open-source extension changes websites you visit into "dark mode".

You can customize a lot of things about the extension, including brightness, contrast, sepia. You can toggle some sites to be on or off by default based by domain. You can adjust settings on a per domain basis. You can apply several different types of default filtering methods.

I mostly use it at default. I install it and that's it. Occasionally I run into a site that benefits from some slight customization, but for the most part -- it just works.

If browsing a dark-background web sounds appealing to you, I definitely recommend you take a look at it.